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Clients Quotes


"Coming into this experience, I had goals that I had set for myself. Working with coach Hadley has pushed me beyond my own expectations. The first few weeks were tough, but now I leave the gym feeling better  than when I came in."


"Boxing at Hadley's is great! It's the toughest workout I've ever done. Boxing with Hadley has taught me discipline, and has made me mentally and physically tough. Every time I walk in the door, I can expect a new challenge!"


"Coach Joey is the best!  Maggie too!  Boxing is for girls, silly boys!" 


 ďIím a 44 year old couch potato, and ďve been working out with Hadley for six weeks. In that time Iíve lost 8 pounds, one size in my waist, and I have more energy than Iíve had in ten years. Thanks Coach Hadley for whipping me into shape!"


 ďFor sure one of the HARDEST things I have ever done. It has mentally and physically made me stronger. Working out at Hadleyís has given me a drive and determination to succeed in everything I do!"


"I've played several different sports and tried numerous fitness workouts and nothing is as physically and mentally challenging and rewarding as Joey's boxing workout."


"Boxing is the best workout of my life, it even cured my sleep insomnia!" 


"It's awesome to train with someone who was once a professional. You can train up to be a pro, or just do it for exercise. Itís great!!"


"I've played many sports and boxing is the hardest workout I've ever done.  I lost 15 pounds and gained much strength."


"I love to jump rope!" :)


"Hadleyís workout is pretty tough, but after a while I got use to it. As long as you do what he says, he can make you a champ."


"I'm a former personal trainer & I've put people through every workout possible...or so I thought.  That was until I tried the boxing workout with Joey. If you want to be challenged and motivated every day, there is no workout like the boxing workout!"


"The most intense, invigorating, totally addicting workout I have ever had.  Joey literally whips your body in shape.  You will start seeing your body transform in as little as 3 - 4 weeks.  If you are lacking in self-confidence, this workout will definitely give you that!"


"I've been coming here for a little more than two months and I have noticed a big gain in my stamina.  Also I have gained three pounds of muscle!  Coach Hadley's work out is the best and most effective work out I've ever done!"


"Joey trained me when I was sixteen. The confidence I gained from the experience has helped me throughout my life. Now, at thirty six, I am getting the chance to try it again. I probably wonít ever have another fight, but I am in great shape and having more fun than the law should allow.Ē


"Boxing has not only helped me inside the ring, but outside as well. My confidence, self control, and overall understanding of the many ways your mind can complicate things has made a major improvement to me as a whole."


"Coming to Hadleyís has been a great experience! The workout is challenging, but when you see the results its definitely worth the work. Iíve lost weight, and gained energy! What more can a lady ask for! Coach Hadley is a great coach and really has a passion for this sport!!"


"I've tried a bunch of different workouts, but the boxing workout is the most effective and shows the quickest results."


"Boxing is a tough sport. The workout is good, but itís really tough!! Did I say the workout was TOUGH!!! But boxing is great!"


"Boxing is a challenging sport, but fun at the same time. Joey is a tough coach, but gives you a good work out."



"I've tried many fitness programs in my 62 years. Boxer training, without a doubt, does what it  is advertised to do. Not only am I losing weight and getting stronger, but I am thoroughly enjoying the process."


"Boxing is a productive way to spend your time and stay out of trouble."



"Iíve been boxing for three months now, and Iíve had the best time boxing with Joey Hadley. Itís fun but tough. Itís a great work out!"



"The hardest work out of your life is an understatement, but it is completely worth it. It is perfect to get your anger out and to believe in yourself!"



"Boxing here is tough, but it is a great workout!"



-"Boxing with Joey Hadley is a whole lot tougher and harder than training any other sport.  Even though it is very hard you feel good and know you're getting a real workout."


Future Champs

"We have so much fun and it's making us strong!"

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