Who Is Boxing For?


Kids And Teenagers

Boxing is a practical form of self defense that offers young people discipline, and confidence. Its fundamentals are simple, but, like anything worth learning, work is required to become proficient at it. For those who choose to go further and climb into a ring, boxing offers a sport in which they compete according to weight. In other words, no one has to compete against someone twice their size.





Along with the self defense aspects, many women love the boxing workout because of it’s slimming affect. The combination of intense cardio and muscle building exercises create an extremely efficient weight loss program. Besides, everyone likes to punch things occasionally. And in this case, no one gets hurt!


And of course, men like boxing. It is an intense cardiovascular workout, both aerobic and anaerobic, combined with strength training. Besides being the most challenging workout you can push your body to do, it gives a man a realistic sense of self-confidence. Boxing makes a person tougher both physically and mentally. There is no better way to get out the tension of the day!




What We Offer

Boxing has always been both a practical form of self defense as well as the ultimate aerobic workout. But, until now, it has never been so accessible to the general public. Hadley’s Boxing Fitness is offering classes to men, women, and children above 8 years old. Our clients not only learn how to protect themselves, but also gain strength, increase body toning, and enjoy added endurance.

We offer the following:

  • *One on one classes

  • *Group classes

  • *Courses that cover specific skills

  • *General memberships

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