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Tap into the latest fitness trend, come to Hadley’s Boxing Fitness in Memphis, Tennessee for a full body workout that is unparalleled by any other exercise regime. Boxing offers a combination of aerobic and muscle-building exercises that makes this old sport the hottest new workout available.

And now, Hadley’s Boxing Fitness at 6600 Stage Road is offering it in Memphis!

For those of you who merely want to punch their way into shape, we promise that you can LEARN TO BOX, GET FIT -- ALL WITHOUT GETTING HIT. For those who want to learn self-defense or for those who want to compete, Hadley's Boxing Fitness offers an environment where you can hone your skills.

Push-ups, sit-ups, jump ropes, medicine ball workouts, heavy bag, speed bag and punch mitts are all part of the workout arsenal. Group classes and individual training are available. And there's light or heavy sparring sessions for the adventurous.

If you have made the decision to get into shape, then make your workout fun. If you have decided you want the self confidence that comes with knowing how to protect yourself, then learn from the best.

Joey Hadley Head Coach & Adam Tortorella Asst. Coach

Joey and Sparkle

This is the opportunity to workout the way a real professional boxer would. You will learn technique through repetition from someone who has been there. (Joey’s boxing resume can be seen in the About Joey section of the website.)

Joey Hadley teaches a “Peek-a-boo” style that was taught to him by the legendary Cus D’Amato. This is an aggressive style that concentrates on explosive punching power and avoiding your opponent by slipping. There are very few trainers who teach this method since Cus died. Teddy Atlas and Kevin Rooney were among the last. (Both of whom taught Mike Tyson) Teddy, Kevin, and Joey were all personally taught by Cus D’Amato. Boxing coach, Joey Hadley is now teaching this same method to all who want to learn.

Joey In The News

Memphis Tiger's Head Basketball Coach Josh Pastner
Shows Exemplary Work Ethic As He Trains With Joey.


A few random fights that just happened to be recorded of Joey Hadley. Joey Hadley hailed from Memphis, TN, but trained part of his career with Cus D'Amato out in Catskill, NY (Video starts at 00:34)

Joey's Interview on Elvis.com
Click here to see the story.

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